Charcoal fiberglass
Gnat wire
Hardware cloth
Screen Tight™ Screening System

Guerry Lumber stocks a variety of screening materials in various sizes.

Fiberglass Gnat Screen
Today fiberglass is the most common and the best value. We also have the fiberglass gnat screen, which provides a tighter weave to help eliminate our pesky friends.

Bronze Screen
You can also get screening made from bronze wire that is composed of 90% copper and 10% zinc. When new, bronze has a golden shine but will eventually take on a verdigris patina. Bronze should not be installed in aluminum screen-door frames because where the two metals touch they will corrode.

Screen Tight™ Screening System
Ideal for both new construction and remodeling projects, Screen Tight™ is an affordable, easy to install alternative to traditional screening. No Staples: the screen is rolled into place similar to the method used by window and door manufacturers. The external cap snaps onto the base component and evenly tightens the screen. When rescreening, the cap temporarily pops off, allowing a quick and efficient replacement. All exposed materials for the Screen Tight System™ are manufactured from weather-proof, UV-resistant window grade vinyl.


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Guerry Lumber has everything I am looking for delivered to me when I need it without question or issues. They have friendly and reliable people and the products they sell are of excellent craftsmanship.

Jennifer Ham
Homeowner, Savannah

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