Impact Doors

Impact Doors

Impact Rated - Impact rated windows are designed using high-performance laminated glass and additional reinforcement to enable these windows to stand up to the rigorous ASTM large missile impact test procedures providing your home extra security against harsh weather.

Ply Gem

Ply Gem “Mira Premium Impact Series” Doors take protection to a whole new level. With the ability to withstand the impact of wind-blown objects, homeowners will enjoy extra comfort and added security. Ply Gem "Mira Premium Impact Series Doors pass ASTM E1886/1996 Large Missle Imact and Cycling Tests, meet impact requirements in U.S. Zone 2 (110-120mph) and Zone 3 (120-140 mph), meet wind-borne debris specifications for large missile D for impact Zone 3 and small missile C for impact Zone 2. With a structural rating of DP50, Ply Gem "Mira Premium Doors" deliver both impact performance and style.

Neuma Doors

Neuma’s Hurricane and Impact Rated Patio Doors represent a quantum leap in protecting property and people during hurricanes and violent storms. Neuma Doors, with its Patented Hydroshield Technology TM, provide architects, designers, builders and homeowners a superior choice in terms of safety, value, quality and product performance. Neuma Doors impact glider & inswing hinged fiberglass doors can withstand windstorm of over 145 mph, and our impact outswing hinged door can withstand as high as 170 mph. Neuma's Impact Rated doors also pass the Texas Department of Insurance and Florida Building Code 2010 certified in both impact and non impact fiberglass doors.

Plastpro Doors

Plastpro Impact Doors are engineered to withstand penetration of flying objects. Plastpro's innovative R&D department has pioneered a unique patent-pending process whereby a missile-proof shield is built-in to reinforce the door. Impact doors are available in woodgrain, smooth skin and flushed glazed with specially formulated impact-resistant glass.



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